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  • Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

    Posted by Lu Knapp at 2/12/2016

    Every year on February 16 commemorates the day in 1945, when the Territory of Alaska passed the Anti-Discrimination Law.  Elizabeth Peratrovich stood in Gallery B at the Alaska Legislature and spoke convincingly against Senators who wanted to continue the separation between the Alaska Native and White people in the Territory of Alaska.  Mrs. Peratrovich spoke eloquently, " I cannot believe that  I, who am barely out of savagery, need to remind men with 5000 years of civilization behind them of our Bill of Rights." When Elizabeth finished speaking,there was a loud burst of applause from the audience and the bill against Anti-discrimination was passed by the Senators with a vote of 11-5.  The Gallery B was named Elizabeth Peratrovich for her contribution to the passage of the bill which soon became a law against discrimination.

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